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    My Psp Rates

    Rhys Marek

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    My Psp Rates

    Post  Rhys Marek on Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:11 pm

    As you may know i am now charging for My psp Work...

    (I cannot Un-brck a full bricked psp)

    1-3 games: £2

    Un-bricking a semi-bricked psp: £3

    lessons On how to download games (with free website names): £3

    Unlimited access: £3

    and finally... Putting Cfw on your psp (needs to be psp 2000 and under. NO 3000 OR PSP GO's they do not work) with 2 iso's: £5

    And if you Buy the unlimited access or Lessons or Cfw i will give you free save data to complete those games you've been stuck on and how to put on future saves for those tough games.

    P.s: if you dont like the rates dont bother asking for a discount.

    Gurprit jandu is your expert on homebrewed wii games and awesome stuff.
    And Either me, Josh scoobie or gurprit is your expert for pc games. an i wont charge for pc games. All i require is a big enough memory stick to put your games on.

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